What is Beef Jerky?

When it comes to beef jerky, we at the family-owned business know a thing or two. Handcrafted in America with four generations and 89 years of history behind us – our meat industry knows no bounds! For many people around this country (and beyond), their go-to snack is also made from high quality ingredients like yours–beef protein isolate & gluten free soy sauce made by hand right here on site for those intrepid eaters out there trying something new every day; yet more evidence that Americans make some pretty awesome stuff themselves when given an opportunity…but don’t take my word.

A delicious and nutritious meat snack that’s perfect for the adventurous, beef jerky can last up to two months when stored properly. It gets its flavor from seasonings like soy sauce or honey with added salt in some cases which act as natural preservatives so it won’t spoil on you! The primary ingredient is beef but other meats may also be used such as chicken if they’re not already put into marinade before drying them out – these don’t necessarily need any preparation either since all of their flavors have been infused right into each piece during cooking; there are no hidden ingredients here just good old fashioned proteins warmed by firelight after being dried out…yummm!!

Jerky is a tasty and portable snack that’s enjoyed by people all over the world. You never know when your next meal might be, so it’s important to keep some jerky on hand!

The smaller packages of  Jerky are perfect for an afternoon or evening snacks when hunger pangs hits. And if you’re looking for something more substantial there were larger bags available too (starting as low as 1 pound!).

The world is a smaller place than people think it is, and there are many opportunities to find jerky everywhere. Road trips can be tough with kids in the car who need something portable for their lunch or snack during longer periods of time on roadways that offer no other options but fast food restaurants — like highway gas stations! 

Jerky is a healthy and tasty snack that can be used to curb hunger. It typically has high levels of lean protein, making it an excellent choice as well for those who want extra muscle mass or need to bulk up before competing in bodybuilding competitions. However there are many forms on the market with varying degrees of “healthiness.” In its purest form jerky consists primarily of dehydrated meat alone- but some producers will load their products up with artificial ingredients such as sugars which may not work into your diet at all depending what you’re looking forward to eating! 

Despite its popularity, modern jerky is most commonly found in the United States. It’s spreading across North America and around the world as people adapt to snacking on-the go more often than not eating at home or with friends.

The word “jerky” can be traced back to the South American tribe Quechua who called them “ch’arki.”

Making jerky meat can be a simple and delicious process. The most important steps to making your own are slicing the meat, marinating it in spices or sauce of choice (savory), dehydrating them then cooking before packaging for sale! There’s tons of different flavor profiles out there: sweet & spicy; salty/sweet…it’s all about what you like best when choosing how much spice level suits your taste buds.


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