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Where to buy steel tubing in Houston?

Texas Iron & Metal has a wide selection of steel tubing in Houston that can be used for applications including structural components, fencing, sign posts and pipe. The carbon variety comes in square or rectangular shapes while the galvanized variant is available as either one shape type or another. Steel tubing is available in many different forms and dimensions. The shapes vary from square to rectangular, the thickness varies by size as well, and also comes in several lengths.

Can you cut it to size for me?

Come see us for your steel tubing or any of our other products. We will cut it to size with a minimum order of at least $10 so you can transport your materials home in smaller vehicles and won’t need extra tools! If you want, we also offer pipe cutting services as well as same-day and next day delivery service. Texas Iron & Metal makes it easy and convenient to find the products you need for your project. We offer unparalleled levels of customer service, so even when ordering from Texas we waive delivery charges if what is purchased totals more than $400!

How to bend steel tubing?

A steel tubing can be bent to create things like curved roofs, walls and electric tanks. However, the tools for a precise bend are quite expensive, that is why it’s best to have them done at pipe-bending service or fabrication shops. There are several types of machine commonly used to make these bends with die specifically designed for the job in mind. Bending metal is a common practice around the world, but it can be difficult to perform correctly. Press machines are often used for this purpose and require plenty of experience before one should attempt them alone.

How is steel Tubing Produced?

Many industries need specialty stainless Square Tubing to avoid corrosion from salt wind and humidity in Houston, a coastal city. Industries that are both directly exposed to the salty environment such as shipping and offshore drilling use it frequently while those who aren’t still require it for manufacturing purposes. Stainless steel is a very strong and versatile material, but it also requires careful handling to ensure the best results. Here’s how you can avoid some common problems: 

Stainless steel hardens the more you work with it so be sure to keep your equipment well maintained at all times for maximal performance! Stainless steel has its advantages of being highly durable but know that overworking stainless tubing will result in less flexible pieces which are harder weld together or cut apart – this could lead to frustration if not properly handled. To prevent wear-and-tear on stainless materials, perform routine maintenance by giving them lubrication when needed as corrosion may occur during long periods without upkeep.

Because stainless steel tubing must be cut quickly, cleanly, and accurately to avoid contaminating it with dirt or bacteria. That’s why we have the sharpest cutting tools at our facility.Stainless steel tubing should not be used for an impromptu project, as it hardens the more bent and re-worked. Clients need to know that we require precision in their needs before using this material; too much bending can create a significant safety issue.Before flaring, the tube must be deburred and chamfered to allow for a smooth edge that can roll over. This is most commonly done with the appropriate tooling such as an 18-8 rolled thread die or 20-10 universal flare nut which will properly deform fittings of up to 1/2″ in size according to industry standards (ASME B16.11).


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