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Analyze your blog and improve your referencing

You have worked on your own website for some time now and do you want the maximum exhibition on Google? Maybe you have just launched an ecommerce site and you need superb referencing tips on the page to quickly rank for your chosen keywords!

At any point, you find yourself in the analysis of the website, there is always the magnitude of improvement and many chances of becoming a better influencer in your market.

Choose the right referencing SEO tool for blogging and small businesses to optimize your blog or website.

What is the best referencing tool for a blog?

A referencing tool is built to become your best friend. Finding the right corrections and solutions of your blog is the key to start receiving search engines visits, for free.

Fandangoseo has been specially created to help bloggers and new entrepreneurs save time with an intuitive and very visual tool. For a low price, you will be able to understand the structure of your website and know what needs to be optimized.

What are the main advantages for a blogger

Easily run a SEO audit for your blog

When you build a blog, you are not supposed to be an expert in SEO, but if you are in Internet marketing, you must surely become familiar with. Understanding the structure and status of your blog will certainly lead you to much better results on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Learn Best Referencing Practices

Once you have understood the needs of your page, you will be ready to put on referencing shoes and start optimizing your blog. Fandangoseo will give you the best recommendations for your page and teach you to solve all errors and improve the current status.

Use your intuition

You are still not sure that you are ready to go to optimization of the blog? We have created a very easy tool to navigate especially to smooth this process. You are less concerned about the analysis of the website and invest more effort to create an excellent page of your audience.

Evaluate the results

Fandangoseo is an excellent SEO reporting tool for bloggers: You can follow the changes comparing your site from a previous version and see how these corrections have affected the quality of your blog.

What can Fandango Seo do for your blog?

Correct analysis errors

Locate all your blog errors, such as broken links, bad redirects or 404 and fix them as a result of the recommendations of the SEO audit. Want to follow up with the changes? You can customize your reports and understand the evolution of your actions with the comparison tool.

Optimize the content of your blog

Referencing writing is a must for a blogger. Get an overview of your content status and page items, then easily optimize the metas, tags and texts of your pages. Correct your content in duplicate and prolong the length if a text is too short for search engines.

Balancing architecture

Understand your blog architecture and learn how to improve it to facilitate the navigation of users and search navigation in your messages. Thanks to our intuitive and visual graphics, you will imagine the distribution of internal links, which will help you balance their weight and minimize search engines when visiting your web.

Optimize the internal link

Analyze your inlays and Symptoms: What are the main anchor texts used in your blog, what positions receive more links or who have less authority? Find those who do not receive any connection and add them to your structure if you think they are relevant.

Organize your blog with sitemaps

Generating site plans is as simple as blogging, really. This may seem a little technical, but you literally need a few minutes to create an HTML site ready to download on your blog. You can also generate XML sitemaps in a moment.

Be relevant in the mobile

Mobile referencing is the key. Do all the above for the mobile version of your blog: Correct the mobile architecture and optimize all aspects of this device. Create an amp too, with our help.

HTTPS Analysis Security Protocols

This is a must-see on the referencing of ecommerce SEO software. If you run a small business, you will need to rely on the HTTPS protocol. We will help you configure it and make the most of its function.


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