How to Speed Up Your Old and Slow PC Like a New One?

Is your old PC troubling you? Has your PC slowed down to a crawl? Are you worried about the health and performance of your PC? If your answer to these questions is YES, then this article will definitely help you.

Have you ever tried a Duplicate Photo Finder? In order to boost the system performance and stability, you need to free to storage and get rid of unnecessary and duplicate files that take up certain considerable amounts of storage.

Do not fret if your PC is old and getting slower each day. There are some tweaks and methods through which you can gradually improve the performance of the PC and keep it from getting slow.

Let us discuss these methods and tweaks one by one:

1. Windows Update:

Windows has a very helpful feature to update your old software and applications that might slow your system down. Update the necessary software and keep them from getting outdated.

WIndows update:

Each successful software update brings useful additional features, bug fixes, security patch updates and plenty of new features. 

Windows Update is a fully automatic feature but in case you miss any of these important updates, you can perform a manual update by following the simple steps:

  • Click on the Windows button
  • Select the gear item ‘settings’
  • Select ‘update and security feature’
  • Select ‘Windows update button’ located at the left side
  • Select ‘check for updates’

Once you click on ‘check for updates’, Windows will begin a scan that will detect and automatically install the necessary updates on your PC.

2. Uninstall unnecessary programs:

There are some applications that you cannot remove manually. Shift+Delete shortcut does not work on some applications and software. Certain apps get stuck with your hard disk.

You should get rid of these apps by uninstalling them through the control panel.

Follow the steps if you want to remove a particular app:

  • Go to settings
  • In the search bar type ‘uninstall’
  • Select ‘add or remove programs’
  • Type in the search box name of the app you want to remove
  • Select the particular application and click on ‘uninstall’

Windows will start the uninstall sequence. 

3. Adjust the performance:

Sometimes some simple tweaks work magic on your PC. Removing the eye-catchy animations and reducing the level to zero, makes Windows neglect all the animations and effects and work a bit faster.

Follow the steps to do the same:

  • Select settings and type in the search box ‘performance’
  • Select ‘adjust the appearance and performance of Windows’
  • Select ‘adjust for the best performance’
  • Click ‘apply and ok’

4. Manage the startup programs:

There are certain programs and applications that run on startup. This is not a problem if the system is new and the latest. But with time, the entire PC grows old and slows down to a crawl.

Managing the startup programs like IDM, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Microsoft Store, Sticky Notes and other programs becomes extremely important when the PC is old.

Do not give permission to launch on startup when asked. Sometimes it is better to keep no app in the background.

5. Disk Cleanup:

Disk Cleanup is another important feature that cleans up the entire directory and removes the files, software, programs and applications we do not use on a regular basis.

Windows keeps a track of files, folders, apps, and software we use and also suggests keeping them and removing the ones we do not use.

It helps you remove all the junk files without any hassle. It not only removes the junk but also saves a lot of your time to search for the files and junk you want to get rid of.

It effortlessly scans, detects and removes the junk. To perform disk cleanup, follow these steps:

  • In the search box type in ‘disk cleanup’
  • A new pop-up will ask you to select the particular drive to clean.
  • After you have selected the drive, it will scan the entire drive all the files and programs that can be removed.
  • To remove all that junk, just select these files and click on OK.

6. Remove duplicate pictures:

Most of us use computers as a storage device. There are tons and tons of gigabytes of similar pictures, screenshots, images, and unwanted images. Install one duplicate photo finder and get rid of those similar pictures to free tons of gigabytes of storage.

Similar Photo Cleaner is a fantastic app that manages all the pictures and removes similar images and lets you keep one or two images.

This is a very useful app for those who love to click pictures and use PC to store those duplicate HD pictures. Deploy this duplicate picture finder and free tons of storage.

On the whole:

The only thing that technology guarantees is the element of change. Technology will change and will eventually slow down to a crawl. Freeing the unused memory and also managing it is another important aspect to improve system performance.

Having a similar photo cleaner app will take care of all the similar pictures and multiple screenshots of the same image. Having a duplicate picture finder helps in freeing tons of memory.

This is the reason we need to update our PCs with new apps that will boost the performance and remove items, programs, and applications that we do not use on a daily basis.

However, is it very important to check for viruses and other malware that eventually make the system slow. A working antivirus with updated virus definitions would quarantine and block certain elements that need special permission to run.

Keep your PC clean to improve its life-span for a long run and make your PC get fast just like it was when you bought it. Every PC and almost every system gets old but it is up to us to prevent it from getting slow.

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