How to Scald Milk at Your Home

Scalded milk is used in many recipes, especially in some great dessert recipes. Then why buy scalded milk from the shop? Make your own scalded milk at home. Scalding milk at home is very easy. Here we have brought you to the easiest guide of how to scald milk at home in the stove and in the microwave easily.

Now, you might think that often canned milk is found scalded but they are not but you can use canned milk for scalding. All you need to know isĀ how to open a can, because canned milk is actually good for scalding and adding it in food.

First of all, you need to know some important tips about milk. One should never use raw milk for any food product. That becomes hard to digest for many and also the smell of the raw milk lingers the food product. So it is better that you scald your milk first before using it in any food ingredient.

How to Scald Milk at Home

Before we tell you how to scald milk at home, you must first know that milk can either be scalded in the microwave or in a stove. There is no boundary as to where and how can you scald your milk. You can scald your milk in whatever suits you or you are comfortable in, so here we will guide you for both.

Scalding Milk in Microwave

While we say that you can easily scald milk in the microwave, that also indicates that there some minor risks or precautions that you must take while doing it. For example, scalding milk in micro-wave can spill it all over inside the micro-wave but if you remain a little alert then you can easily avoid that. We will give you some small tips so that your work remains clean.

  • While you scald milk in the microwave, make sure that you do not set the time of the microwave for 30min. After every 5 mins take it out and stir and check the temperature.
  • Also when you put your bowl in the microwave just place a wooden stick or anything non-metallic in the microwave. This will help the milk from not spilling over the brims of the bowl.
  • Set the temperature into something moderate just to get the perfect temperature, do not set the temperature very high then the milk will or might get burnt.

Scalding Milk in Stove

The stove is mostly used by most people all across the world. Cooking in the stove or scalding on the stove is much easier because you can see the milk brimming and you can stir it then and there. Still, I would share some tips with you which you must follow while you scald the milk.

  • While you are scalding milk on the stove, do not cover that with a lid.
  • Keep the flame very low and let it scald gradually.
  • Do not put the thermometer while the milk is still on fire, take off the saucepan from the fire, and then use the thermometer to check the temperature.


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