Filter Cartridges And Their Work

The pool filter cartridges are generally used for the purpose of filtration of unwanted materials from filtration tubes. There are various types of filters and they vary greatly according to their prices and functions.

Spun bonded filter cartridge

Spun bonded filter cartridge consists of 100% polypropylene fiber. Fiber rotates carefully to create the exact gradient density of the outer surface into. The filter cartridge is available with the core or without the core version. The superior structure is actually an integral part of the main body and even though the poor operating conditions work well. Because polypropylene fibers are blown constantly at the central mold core, there are no requirements for binders, resins or lubricants.

Operational Engineering: Fluid without filters passes through the matrix filter depth and thus helps in cutting finer particles. It provides better efficiency, greater soil retention & filter life. The liquid mixed with debris flows from outside into the media filter. Dirt particles are held safely in the filter matrix and clean liquid flows out through the other side of the cartridge.

The main features of the pool filter cartridge are as follows:

  • They are free from surfactants, binders and adhesives
  • They allow very good flow with low pressure drop
  • They have high dirt holding capacity
  • They also have high pressure strength & resistance
  • They are made of 100% polypropylene for extensive chemical compatibility
  • Nominal & absolute filtration rating is possible

Housing filter bag.

The filter bag system is built for optimal filtration operations. They are especially useful for filtering high quantities of high viscosity fluids. Filter bag consists of bag filters housing, internal enclosures to support bags, filter bags, positive sealing settings, & tip connection options. There is internal support from a housing filter bag that ensures that the bag does not break because high differential pressure is made during operation.


Liquid without filters passes through the housing and dissolves evenly on all sides of the filter bag. Filtration occurs from inside out. Solid particles are collected on the side of the filter bag for easy elimination. Liquid filtered through the outlet pipe.

Main features & benefits:

o high flow level

o lower pressure drop

o good dirt retention capacity

o Positive valve settings for Shun bypassing

O Apt for PP collar, Rigid Ring & Snap Band Bags

Liquid bag filters can be classified as sediment filters. Sediment is basically related to particles that flow with the intended liquid. When this liquid is made to stand still, the sediment will be saved as a solid layer at the bottom of the container. Similarly, when the liquid is filtered, the sediment will be blocked by filter bag material while the liquid will flow far, it appears much clearer.

In industrial applications, there are several particulate contaminants that flow with process fluids. It can include rust copies carried by fluid when flowing through pipes, organic matter such as fiber, seeds, pulp, ground particles or clay, and so on. All of these ingredients are usually insoluble with liquid, and therefore can be filtered using liquid bag filters.

If not filtered, sediment and particulate contaminants can cause the following problems:

In the context of beverages and alcoholic beverages, particulate problems can affect the visual appeal of drinks and as further fermentation of organic particles, they can change the taste of questionable drinks.

When sediments are harder like rust and sand seeds flow through a pipe for a long time, they can cause damage to internal components such as valves and pipes themselves. This will result in damage to your system, and translated into higher maintenance costs.

Material particles can cause blockages to your pipes and control equipment. This will again put higher pressure on internal and long-term components, and can cause serious problems such as leaks or pipe bursts.

These problems can be completed before the snowball becomes something bigger, just by utilizing the right type of liquid bag filter. This filter is used with fluids from various viscosity and density. They can be sourced from leading distributors and suppliers of filters.

Here are some tips for finding the right distributor to filter source bags for your process fluid:

Choose a company that has been in business for decades. Their old service notes will be the greatest proof of the ability and dependency of the company.

The second important aspect that needs to be remembered is to choose a company that can offer filters in various sizes, construction materials, and styles. This will give you many choices to choose the most appropriate filter technology according to the demands of your application.

Don’t forget to consider inventory of a replacement filter bag. Replacement filters must match your OEM home. In some cases, you might need to order a special liquid bag filter and the distributor you choose must be able to respect this requirement.

In the end, the cost factor also needs to be considered. Distributors need to offer components at competitive prices. You might want to first get a free sample to determine the suitability of the bag filter.


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