Family fun in Madison – where to go

Planning a vacation with your family is never easy. You need to take everyone’s needs and into account and find a place that will be able to fulfill them. Luckily, when it comes to family fun in Madison, you will have a lot to choose from. From Historic District and museums to beautiful parks, Madison has a lot to offer. All you need to do is to pack up your family and designate one weekend to experience it.

Clifty Falls State Park

Let’s start off with outdoor activities. Madison is a dream for any family that likes to spend time outdoors. There are beautiful sights of nature that you can explore and appreciate, and you definitely should not leave Madison without doing so. So, if the sun is shining and there is no rain in the forecast, the first thing you need to see is Clifty Falls, State Park. It spans over 1416 acres which gives you a lot of space to explore.

A beautiful forest scene

There are hiking trails that can take you to Clifty Creek and Little Clifty Creek. And, you can also witness a beautiful canyon, right in the middle of the park. And, if you choose to spend the night, you can either lodge at the Clifty Inn or you can camp out at the Clifty campsite. Overall, if you don’t know where to have family fun in Madison, Clifty Falls State Park is always a failsafe.

Rockin Thunder River Tours

But, for some of you, simply camping out and hiking can be boring. You and your family want a bit of thrill and excitement in your outdoor activities, and you are willing to look for it. Well, worry not. Madison has you covered. Rocking Thunder River Tours is a great, exciting way for a family to enjoy a sunny afternoon in Madison. You can choose to go on high-speed thrill rides and have some exciting fun. There is hardly a more thrilling way to enjoy the Ohio River than by riding a speed boat. Therefore, if you feel like your family fun in Madison needs a bit more excitement, head on to Rocking Thunder River Tours.

Fremont Falls

For those nature lovers out there who would like to enjoy all the nature’s wonders, Fremont Falls will be a surprising treat. As it is with most of nature’s delights, it is a bit far from Madison. But, if you can bring your family together for an afternoon, it will be well worth the visit. At 108ft(33m) Fremont Falls is the highest waterfall in Indiana. It is a plunge waterfall with roaring sounds that help produce an astounding sight. Do not leave Madison without visiting the Fremont Falls.

Family fun in Madison Historic District

So, now that we have visited some nature’s sights outside of Madison, let us head back to the city. In order to truly experience a city, you need to be aware of its history. This is especially true if you are coming from far away, like when moving from FL to another state. Not only do you need to research the place that you are moving to and find reliable movers to help you, but you need to know the history of the place. History gives us the necessary context to understand the current situation. Without it, everything would be superficial and unmemorable. So, if you really want to know what Madison is about and help your kids learn some of the US history, head on to Madison Historic District.

Lanier Mansion State Historic Site

To help your kids learn what it was like to live in the 1800s, you better take them to see the Lanier Mansion. Living in the 21st century had us grow accustomed to many luxuries that the people of the 1800s couldn’t even dream of. Help your kids appreciate things like the internet, electricity and modern appliances by visiting Lanier Mansion.

Learning about the life in the 1800s as part of family fun in Madison and how they deal with everyday problems. Learn about the things that they owned and how they used them during the year. Remember, you can keep your belongings in a safe storage unit, they couldn’t. They had to plan their lives so that their house was enough. There is a lot we can learn from the lives of the people that came before us, as we often forget how lucky we are to be born in the 21 century.

Lanthier Winery

If you would like to experience some of the famous Madison vines, then Lanthier Winery is the place for you. Here your kids can learn about the process of winemaking and the history behind it. You can witness how different decisions during the production of wine can have a substantial impact on its quality and taste. Plus, if numerous days of running around Madison outdoors left you thirsty, you can enjoy some wine tasting. Keep in mind though that this will not be a whole day activity.

If family fun in Madison left your thirsty, head on to the Lanthier Winery.

Schroeder Saddletree Factory Museum

While staying with your family in Madison you will have the rare opportunity to visit the only 19th-century saddletree factory. Here you will learn about the process of making a saddletree and how the Schroeder family revolutionized it. Furthermore, you will learn how people used saddles in their everyday lives and why was it so important that they were of good quality. Just like visiting old houses, there is a lot you can learn about our history if you only pay attention and try to piece together the big picture out of the small pieces of history.

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