Best Ways to Experience Sydney as a Solo Traveller

Solo travels have a special charm. You get to experience things on your own, without anybody else spoiling it or meddling with it. You get to know more about yourself and you learn more deeply about the places you visit.

In case Sydney is your next stop as a solo traveller, here are things you shouldn’t miss to experience in this great city.

The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

The 3-mile walk between the two most famous Sydney beaches is breathtaking – it takes you along the cobalt-blue Pacific Ocean, where the scenery is covered with sandstone cliffs and lush greenery and vibrant colours of stunning flowers. The pathway is wide, leading you to smaller public beaches along the way. You have cell service all the way, so don’t worry if you get lost. Just don’t go swimming alone.

The Harbor Bridge Climb

One of the most remarkable sights in Sydney is Sydney Harbor. There are a few places from which you can admire it, but it’s best if you experience it while standing on it. Harbor Bridge Climb is a unique opportunity to be a part of the team of people that will make their way up the bridge with the help of professionals. You’ll know you have the million-dollar view of the Opera House the moment you reach the top.

Exploring the Markets

Weekend markets in Sydney provide a unique experience, especially when you visit them without a companion who could only slow you down here. Glebe Markets that are crowded on Saturday morning offer fashionable items with more than 200 stalls filled with vintage pieces of clothing, as well as strange and original accessories. When you need a refreshment or a quick bite, you can have it on the lawn near the market while listening to live melodies of street musicians. 

A Visit to the Art Gallery of NSW

Think ahead and rent short term accommodation in Sydney that’s close to Sydney’s CBD – that way, many popular attractions and facilities like the Art gallery of NSW within 10-15 minutes away. This gallery is not to be missed – it includes not only indigenous and Australian art but also British Victorian art and many contemporary pieces, including photographs and other exhibits. You can spend hours wandering the halls and admiring unique works of art here. Take a lunch break and visit the in-house restaurant or have a quick refreshment in the in-house cafe.

Stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens

Situated on the Sydney Harbor, the gardens will offer you 70 acres of greenery and magnificent blooms and trees. Discover quiet ponds and gurgling fountains deep within the gardens, have a picnic on the soft grass or watch the boats leaving the harbour. You can join an Aboriginal Heritage Tour to learn more about Aboriginal history and culture but make sure you reserve your spot in advance.

A Ferry Ride to Manly

The harbour is the best spot to view the whole city. A creative way to get there is to buy a one-way ferry ticker for $6. Manly is one of the best destinations to travel to because the ride takes you past the suburbs such as Balmoral and Kirribilli. When you reach Manly, you will be impressed by the oasis on the beach there. In the evening, ferries that have bars get filled with people enjoying a drink and admiring the view.

Final Advice

Exploring Sydney on your own can be a great fun and deeply educational experience. Nothing will teach you better about this exciting city than roaming the streets alone, allowing yourself to go wherever you feel drawn to.

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