5 Myths about Interior Designing that You Should Know

Interior Designing is probably one of the buzzing words in this present era. No matter whether you live in a studio apartment or a duplex – you must be thinking about hiring the top interior designer or a famous interior designing firm for your property. Even the owners of modern-day offices and stores also hire professional interior decorators in Kolkata to get a glam look for that place.

Well, with the growing popularity of interior designing industry some misconceptions and myths are revolving around the same. Before you opt for a talented and experienced interior designer for your property, you should be aware of these myths so that you can make a wise decision.

Myth #1 All the Interior Designers are Female

No, this is not true! There are many successful male interior designers who are doing brilliant works all over the world. The fact is creativity and the sense of aesthetics have nothing to do with your gender. Hence, whether you are a male or a female, you must have that talent to transform an empty place into a gorgeous room.

Myth #2 Trends must be Followed

 In the industry of interior designing, a trend is something that comes and goes. The trend that is highly popular in January 2020 will be considered dated within the end of the year. Hence, a successful interior designer never bothers about trends. Though he keeps himself updated about the current fashion of interior designing and get inspirations from some of them, he always carries his signature style to create something unique and appealing.

Myth #3 Qualification Does Not Matter

While a natural and inborn passion for beauty, style and creativity is necessary to become an interior designer, you must have proper training and degrees to get into the subject and become a successful professional of this industry. The qualification of an interior designer matters a lot in determining his style and efficiency.

Myth #4 Hiring One Will Leave You Bankrupt

Some people think that hiring an interior designer will break their bank. The truth is the cost of your interior designing project depends on you and not on the designer. If you want to get a lavish interior then they will make one for you. In case, you want something stylish within your budget then these experts can do this for you too.

Myth #5 Designers Only Changes the Colour of Your Fabrics

The job of a designer is not limited to make a room beautiful; at the same time, he or she needs to make it safe and functional for the inhabitants. Hence, changing the colour of the fabrics or putting some exceptional wall hangings on the wall is not the only thing they do. They need to understand the architectural layouts, the floor plan and the building regulations as well.

Interior designing is not easy. It demands a perfect balance of creativity and practical ideas. While designing a certain room, the designer must make it appealing and at the same time, he or she must try to keep it functional for the homeowner.

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